Although experts in artisanal stone craftsmanship, we use advanced technologies increasing our precision and enhancing the finishes that make our products the best choice for your home.

Measuring even more carefully

Old measurement methods in the production of stone countertops used cardboard or plastic jigs. Today, we use a laser device to create a computer template that takes into account details almost invisible to the naked eye. The main advantage? This step is done even faster!

Heartfelt fabrication

Granits Richelieu implements technological advances every single day, including in its factory. The computer templates created during the measurement step are processed in our digital machining centers for cutting and shaping the parts to be produced. A specialized camera is also used to maximize pattern continuity between the joined pieces. Although very technical, this process is handled by our best experts at all levels, with heart and thoroughness.

A successful installation

You’ll soon enjoy your brand-new stone countertops, enhancing your decor in the most wonderful way. Since this step is so important, it also utilizes some of our best-performing tools. Special suction cups and pigmented poly-epoxy glues are used to make the surfaces as smooth, impervious, uniform, and invisible as possible. If you live in an older home, we’ll even use a special type of adhesive, helping to support the sink under the counter without having to use anchors.


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